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Natural Smiles is home to a proud tradition of denture craftsmanship since 1976. Why does this matter? It means generations of denture expertise under one roof, ready to tailor your treatment and address the unique challenges of your dental health. It allows us to say with confidence that there's nothing we cannot build, fix, or improve because there's very little we haven't seen. 

Here, we proudly build our dentures IN-HOUSE. Our team hand-crafts complete denture solutions and premium implant dentures. We're hands-on from the "first impression" (no pun intended) to the final appointment. This is more than a catchphrase. It allows us to maintain the integrity of our work and hold it to the highest standards of care and quality control. We're there for you at each step, working with you towards the smile and function you've been hoping for.

A lot has changed in the world of dentures. Your 'second teeth' can look good, feel good, and function even better. We look forward to sharing all that we've learned... 

Our Family

The Denturists

Robby Jaroudi, RD

"The Boss"

Executive Member of the Denturist Association of BC


Originally from Vancouver, Robby completed his education in 2008 at VCC. He honed his skills in clinics in the Lower Mainland, Parksville, and Nanaimo, before moving to Kamloops.


One only has to hear Robby speak to see his passion for denturism. A firm believer in education, Robby sees it as his duty to learn about his patients and give them the tools to make informed decisions about their dental health. Not content to confine himself to one technique, Robby attends education seminars all over the world to learn the latest in denture technology. He is proud of helping make implant dentures accessible and affordable!

On his work: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Allen Goessman, RD

"The Wise Guy"

The most experienced Denturist in Kamloops


Al began his denture career as a dental lab owner in 1970. He has been a Registered Denturist since 1976. Al's breadth of experience makes him the cool, calm, and collected voice of wisdom.


Al has been a mentor, teacher, and friend to the brothers. When not making dentures, he is hunting, golfing, practising karate, or travelling the world. He is addicted to the craft - often coming in on his days off to simply work!

On his work: "KISS IT- Keep it simple stu---"


"Front of House" 

Laura completed the Dental Reception program in Vancouver before moving back to Kamloops with her musical husband and buying their first house! She coordinates our days and navigates insurance billing so you don't have to. When not at work, she's camping, hiking, singing and attending concerts. 



Katie joined Natural Smiles as a dedicated patient care specialist. Katie is the warm voice personally checking in on our patients to ensure our standard of care is carried out from the first appointment through to years after your last visit.