Dentures Over Implants

More and more patients are choosing to opt out of the standard denture and invest in the long-term benefits of implant retained dentures.

Why Implants?

The answer is simple: implants do away with the common frustrations of denture wear while maintaining and supporting the integrity of the remaining bone structure. 

When we loose our natural teeth, the bone beneath the gums begins to recede. This bone loss is inevitable and irreversible. Losing our teeth also means losing what anchors our bite. This contributes to a moving denture and forces patients to bite down in abnormal ways leading to further bone loss.


An important benefit of implants is that they act as an anchor for the denture. As such, they help limit bone loss and maintain healthy bone structure for many years to come.

While healthier bone support is subtle, the difference implants make in a patient's day-to-day life is simply remarkable!


An implant supported denture remains securely in-place. This alleviates the common denture frustrations. A moving denture makes it difficult to eat comfortably or laugh freely. It can also contribute to sore spots and discomfort. By keeping a denture firmly secured, the teeth look and function like your own natural teeth. 

What distinguishes us?

With all our dentures, we encourage our patients to ask us the hard questions, do their research, and talk to us about further resources. We are not in the business of gimmicks or empty promises. We pride ourselves on a proven system of denture crafts and a track record of delivering on our promise. 

As Denturists, our specialty is crafting dentures. While we do not place implants, we work closely with your dentist at every step of the process. Once your implants are placed, we handcraft a denture that maximize the functional benefits of implants while looking aesthetically pleasing. 


Find out what make us different - it will be apparent once you get us talking just how passionate we are about our dentures and what they can do for your life.