Let's start with the hard questions

Aren't implant dentures expensive?

Costs of implants and dentures on implants vary based on the number of missing teeth, the kind of implants chosen, and how many implants are required.  

Most patients cite cost as a reason for not having considered implants before. Yes it's true that implants are more expensive than regular dentures. Implant supported dentures are a premium treatment solution that is not for everyone. For those that can afford the investment, they are the closest solution to natural teeth that today's dental technology can offer. 

However, we do our best to make our services accessible. Did you know that the costs of dental implants are tax deductible? As are the premiums paid for dental insurance coverage? This results in a reduction of your taxes owed and makes your treatment more affordable. ​

See the Canada Revenue Agency's bulletin on claiming eligible Medical Expenses here 


Why should I see a Denturist?

Denturists are denture specialists. An implant is an optimal solution to achieve a secure fit but it's only half the solution. The other half is, of course, the denture it is securing. A qualified dentist performs the dental surgery and places the implants in the jawbone. The role of a denture specialist is to craft the denture that will maximize the function of the implant while being comfortable and complimenting the aesthetic features of your face. With Natural Smile's quality of work and followup care, our patients receive the best of both worlds.


How do I know I'm getting the highest level of care at the most affordable price?

Talk to us! You do not need a referral from a health professional to consult with a denturist. Most denturists offer free consultations, which further reduces costs. Our consultations are always free and carry no obligation. We encourage you to bring your list of questions, or a trusted family member or friend to help cover everything you want to ask us. 



Will the procedure hurt?

Yes implant placement requires surgery but this does not mean unnecessary pain. Dental professionals are acutely aware of the horror stories of the past and do their utmost best to change that. Implant placements are done by highly skilled and qualified dentists. The implants are placed under anesthetic to alleviate pain. Your dental professional can further discuss the various pain management options available in your individual case.


The procedure does require patience as your body heals itself. We do our best to exercise extreme care knowing that the patient has undergone surgery and needs time to heal. As denture specialists, we are very familiar with changing tissue and can make adjustments to the denture to improve fit and reduce discomfort. 


If implants require surgery, does that mean I have to go without teeth?

Not necessarily! We have the specialized skill and experience to offer immediate placement dentures, which can be inserted right after implants are placed. This way, you can get back to your life sooner with minimal disruption. Most patients return to work within days.


Am I a good candidate? 

Anyone in good general and oral health is a good candidate. Your qualified dental professional can advise further in case of serious diseases. 

Even if I have bone loss?

Excessive bone loss makes treatment difficult but not impossible. Bone grafting can be done to increase or build up the bone in the jaw. 

Even if I think I'm too old? 

There is no age limit to good health. In fact, one can only be too young for implants. Teens, for example, may not qualify for implants - as the jawbone may still be growing in those less than 18 years old. So yes, a Kamloops Blazer and his proud grandfather can both benefit from implants!

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