Complete Upper & Lower Dentures


We offer complete upper and lower dentures to patients who are missing all of their natural teeth on the top, bottom, or both! 

Our dentures are meant to be worn, not just tolerated. When you choose to work with us, you have our commitment that we will provide you with the most natural-looking and best functioning denture.  We do this by selecting teeth in the shade and size that will look natural, and setting them in a way customized to your facial features. A well-crafted denture is indiscernible. One should only note the smile of the person wearing it in comfort.

Immediate Insertion Dentures 

(after  extraction)

We proudly offer immediate insertion. We understand that extraction surgery is a big step for patients. It takes you away from your commitments. Many patients use vacation days to accommodate it. Being sent home without teeth after surgery only prolongs the process. With immediate dentures you can have dentures ready for insertion right after your teeth are removed and can confidently get back to your life as soon as possible. 

Partial Dentures

Good teeth are worth hanging on to!

We  handcraft partial dentures to blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth. Whether you're missing a single tooth or more than a few - we can help! Our Denturists take care to hand-pick teeth in the right shape, size, and colour so your partial looks and works in harmony with your natural teeth. 

Premium Dentures

Our dentures start in the same way. During our initial consultation, we examine the patient's mouth, assess their health and lifestyle needs, and offer all available options. We encourage patients to go home and sleep on it so there's no pressure. 

The difference between regular dentures and premium dentures are the additional measurements and procedures that go into building a premium denture to build to your facial features and aim to duplicate your unique jaw movements. Our premium dentures are also crafted with superior quality material.   


Working with your

current dentures: 

  1. Same Day Repairs

Our in-house technicians handle every type of repair, from hairline fractures to dentures broken completely in half. We can also repair teeth that have chipped or snapped off. Even if you no longer have the tooth, we carry a large tooth stock of varying shapes, sizes, and shades. In most cases, we can have the denture back to you in a matter of hours. 

    2. Same Day Relines/Rebases

Loose, ill-fitting dentures cause many problems making it hard to wear and use your denture effectively. This includes sore gums, difficultly eating and talking, and even broken teeth or cracked dentures. Like any part of your body, your gums are changing. It is important to keep up with these changes so your denture continues to work comfortably and effectively. In a majority of cases, relines/rebases should be done every 2-3 years. They can often be completed the same day. 

    3. Professional Cleaning

Noticing excessive staining or calculus build-up on your dentures? This is normal and happens naturally overtime. A professional cleaning with our Ultra Sonic Cleaner will renew your dentures. The best part? Cleanings can be done while you enjoy a beverage in our waiting room!​​